Am Dienstag 14 April 2009 19:32:20 schrieb Fabio Tranchitella:
> Hello,
> * 2009-04-14 19:25, Martijn Faassen wrote:
> > Do you use the Zope 3 ZMI a lot?
> It depends on your meaning of "a lot": we do not use it as main UI, not
> even for the back-end, nevertheless we often use it for managing our
> "applications". I mean, adding/renaming/moving/editing objects to the ZODB,
> as well as configuring local components.

Btw., that's exactly what I do - I started my project with Philipps book and 
that time believed that it's possible to adapt the ZMI to my needs, which was 
not the case.

Today, I also use the ZMI for management issues, for evolving the database, 
adding objects, looking at the local error log etc.

If I would not have it, I'd have to do those things in debug mode, which is a 
lot less convenient.

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