Tim Hoffman wrote:
> I thhink just dropping zmi is ploblematical
> without a management ui alternative. How would you propose managing
> things like per instance pluggable auth components. zcml is not enough
> and nor is any other static config. You need per instance persistent
> configuration and I am assuming grok and anything using zope 3
> (traiditional server) would need to do this.  So anyone buidling a
> instance based manageble tool would want to ship it with a management
> ui that would work on multiple zope toolkit based
> systems,

I handle pluggable auth components in code right now.

Anyway, I think the following will and should happen:

* the Zope Toolkit project will continue to remove the ZMI from the toolkit.

* the ZMI will still be available as code, it just won't be in the 
toolkit. If enough people are interested in maintaining this codebase to 
make sure it continues to work, it'll be around. It's just not very 
focused code, and it's scattered all over the place.

* I'd recommend some people get together and focus on building a much 
smaller, more tightly focused replacement of the ZMI that does the 
things people find important but is just a single package (or a few).



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