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> On 3/3/10 12:58 PM, Christian Theune wrote:


> "There's no crying in software" really, how I feel is irrelevant.  ;-)

Then why do you keep saying things like "You've both successfully
beaten any initiative out of me again" or saying you're ideas are
being "stomped" on. These are emotionally laden terms.

> I do
> wish every mention of change or even something just marginally outside the
> scope of what is normally discussed here wouldn't be quite as immediately
> and thoroughly stomped upon.

Nobody "stomped" on anything.  Some people expressed disagreement with
the idea of managing parts of the ZTK separately.  Our opinions matter
too.  In my post, I tried to emphasize areas of agreement. I certainly
endorsed the idea that parts of the ZTK should be usable independently.

> I think it would be useful to have a discussion about grouping some Zope
> bits along functional lines for marketing purposes. This is really
> independent of any discussion about the ZTK.

I don't think anyone objects to that. The objections were very
specifically aimed at (change) management and especially testing.


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