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Hi all,

IMHO this is the whole "supported by the people who have to deal with it every day" point, just worded differently. And a dose of resignation, "nothing will change, anyway".

There are some initiatives underway already, including a Z3-based initiative, but no unified voice. There is no single person charged with driving a new zope.org, someone in a position to make binding decisions. Maybe that's why these discussions tend to fade away?

I have been passively reading these threads and find myself in total agreement with Jens.

Lately, I haven't had much time to devote to Zope but beyond my day job I have been volunteering a lot of time (even joined the board) of a non-profit .org and based on this experience I'd like to share some of the things I have observed.

At this stage it does not make much sense to talk about technology but about creating an organizational structure; "a group"
that meets regularly (skype conference call / irc, whatever).

Here are a few things that would have to happen in that group:

- Someone needs to stick (as in stick to a task) and lead (as in mediate/chair) meetings, collect points for an agenda,
and make sure during meetings that people stay on topic.

Working groups need to focus on specific topics. You have to answer the basics:

- Who (as in who is the audience / who is zope.org for?)
- What (as in what does the audience expect? what are the goals of the site / what do we hope hope to accomplish with a new zope.org)
- Where (this one is easy :-)
- Why (as in why should people care about zope? why is zope relevant? why would/should they visit the site?)

Once you have answered these questions things become will become more clear.

Just ask yourself the following question. Which organizations/ customers do you know say to you:

We should use zope, plone, drupal, etc.

I don't know about you guys but NONE of my customers care one iota about technology.

They will say things to me like: We have the following requirements/ needs can you build us a solution that meets those needs.?

I think any new zope.org site should be approached the same way. We should define the needs first then select the solution that best meets those needs.



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