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Hi Martijn, thanks for your response.  I'm replying on-list -

Martijn Faassen wrote:
Jim's answer about brittle mess on the mailing list makes it clear.
It makes his thinking clear, yes.   I'm not clear on why he thinks that
way. I would think: a that's so fragile it can't be touched by Jim Fulton is intolerable, and if upgrading a product risks breaking some of it, so be it; the bits that broke were in the way.

I don't have any mystic power that allows me to understand any Zope
application.  I am also not a CMF developer.


What you need to do in order to get Apache access is contact Rob Page ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) (I've cc-ed him) and get and sign the agreement with ZC that you won't break their hosting environment.

That's not enough to change the apache config.  If you want to make a change
to the apache config, I'll make it for you.  I'll be happy to work with someone
on irc at an agreed upon time.


- I understand why the paperwork exists, but I think it represents some bureaucracy that is near the root of the problem with

I agree.

I feel to engage with it only repeats the cycle of private email, delay, loss of momentum, and prolongs the bigger problem. Give a volunteer a login, and (s)he'll get to work..

Again, I agree.

This is necessary because is hosted in the same cluster with our
commercial customers and we have to be extremely conservative.  This
is why needs to move to a new home.


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