Justizin wrote:
> Again, continuing with my naive thought experiments focussed on this one
> issue, a zwiki upgrade, I would be thinking: (a) upgrading zwiki is not
> going to break other parts of the site, and it's certainly not going to
> require me to debug CMF; and (b) if I'm wrong, I've learned something, I
> replace the old zwiki version and consider next steps.


I don't know.  Does ZWiki have any tendrils in CMF? Has the version
of ZWiki used on zope.org been modified in any way to work with the
CMF?  I don't know.

Very good questions.  We can always start with a diff -urN of the live
zwiki version vs. the latest release, and/or the zwiki version it
reports itself as being.  I volunteer. :)

It reports itself as being ZWiki head. :(

Oh, BTW, zope.org runs some revision of the Zope 2.6 branch.
Does the latest ZWiki work with that?

Yesh and why don't we look into moving to a modern version of Zope?

Because no one knows what would break.  Because the installed software
has unknown versions.  Because we don't have a repeatable installation.

> A
good first step would be to build a checklist of what's holding us

I think the best thing to do at this point is to declare the current
zope.org implementation a failure and move on.

I'll repeat that our commercial cluster is not the right place to host
zope.org.  We can't really give volunteers the access to do what they need to


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