How much disk space is available on the production boxes?  We could copy and
setup instances based on existing install changing necessary config and
simply testing the product update - that would be the quickest route IMNSHO.
Looks like there's enough room on the storage server....I just can't get to
the app servers it appears.


On 10/9/06 4:08 PM, "Justizin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>>> Again, continuing with my naive thought experiments focussed on this one
>>> issue, a zwiki upgrade, I would be thinking: (a) upgrading zwiki is not
>>> going to break other parts of the site, and it's certainly not going to
>>> require me to debug CMF; and (b) if I'm wrong, I've learned something, I
>>> replace the old zwiki version and consider next steps.
>> <shrug>
>> I don't know.  Does ZWiki have any tendrils in CMF? Has the version
>> of ZWiki used on been modified in any way to work with the
>> CMF?  I don't know.
> Very good questions.  We can always start with a diff -urN of the live
> zwiki version vs. the latest release, and/or the zwiki version it
> reports itself as being.  I volunteer. :)
>> Oh, BTW, runs some revision of the Zope 2.6 branch.
>> Does the latest ZWiki work with that?
> Yesh and why don't we look into moving to a modern version of Zope?  A
> good first step would be to build a checklist of what's holding us
> back.

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