On Saturday 15 October 2005 15:48, Gary Poster wrote:
> The most important part of my reply, though, is that I hope we can  
> agree to share an even lower-level interface than contentproviders.  
> If we do, it will address my remaining concerns (expressed below).
> I have been working on a subview package off in another branch.  It  
> addresses a class of bugs caused by subviews that affect non-
> contained subviews; sets the stage for AJAX components and for  
> independently-configurable drag and drop between subviews; and wants  
> to contemplate subview persistence as an optional addition.

Note that I think that AJAX, drag-and-drop and all of this stuff is much, much 
higher level than even viewlets, let alone content providers. Both, content 
providers and viewlets, APIs have nothing to say about the interaction with 
the view or other content providers/viewlets. This type of contract was 
purposefully deferred to higher level APIs. For example, in SchoolTool we 
have no need for those type of things.

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