On 1/24/06, Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I find it irksome to have to type them at the top of ever file. Is there
> no way that they could be pre-bound in the XML parser? That way you'd
> only need to inlcude them if you wanted to rebind them...

Even if we could avoid it at a technical level, it means that what
we're reading is no longer XML.  One of the desires with ZCML was to
not invent everything from scratch.  So, *if* we're using XML, we need
to use it as defined, otherwise it *isn't* XML.  We're shying away
from what's invented here in favor of what's been developed in a
broader community.

An alternate syntax could of course do things differently, but
introducing an alternate syntax just means there's more than one way
to do it.  That's usually a bad idea.  Philipp's proposal cuts more to
the heart of the problems with ZCML, and they aren't syntax-specific.


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