Shane Hathaway wrote:
Yes, RDBMS would become a first-class citizen. New users would be able to write some page templates and SQL scripts on the filesystem and have them work with no extra effort.

Great, you've just re-invented LAMP, but without the years of testing to make it stable :-/

I know I'd like that capability myself.

Then use Apache and CGI, this feels to me like trying to implement an HTTPS server for Zope, it's not what "we" do best and so shouldn't be focusing on it...

However, I expect ZODB to continue to be the dominant platform for writing Zope applications, because ZODB is quite productive for writing abstract applications.

Yes, but most people wouldn't choose ZODB unless they "had to", even though it ends up being the thing that gives them the big wins...

Zope is a feast with many kinds of food. When people come to the feast, most are not willing to try everything at once, particularly the entrees from the land of OODBMS. First let them have some familiar foods. When they find out how finely prepared the food is, they'll be ready to try the meaty main course. Although many will still prefer the RDBMS salads.

Scripts and RBDMS are the fast food of the web development world, not the salad. Looks nice, tastes great, eventually leaves you fat and unhealthy. ZODB and maybe an ORM is the greens for me, it might not be to everyone's taste at first, but it's the best option in the long run...



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