Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Chris Withers wrote:
>> Lennart Regebro wrote:
>>> I agree. And as long as you move from one version to the next, it's
>>> not a problems, since we have BBB-code. 
>> I'm sorry, I don't buy this. BBB code goes away, that means you have
>> to deal with the churn at some point. It's the churn that's the
>> problem...
> Just to give some real data on this from someone who actually spent time
> updating applications: the churn is there, but it's like this causes
> absolutely massive amounts of work, and the deprecation warnings are
> usually pretty helpful.
> It took me a few hours to get the DocumentLibrary code ported from Zope
> 3.2 to Zope 3.3, for instance.
> I also was involved in making Schooltool run with Zope 3.3. This was
> actually following the trunk, but there was a massive change when the
> component-architecture refactoring + moving modules branch landed. I
> think it took me a full afternoon, perhaps a day, to get up to speed on
> that. Schooltool is an exceptionally massive Zope 3 project though
> that's been developed for a long time, so probably not representative of
> most codebases. Usually it should be easier.
> What's your experience with updating your Zope 3 projects, Chris?

I'll also jump in here: We had to try twice to upgrading a commercial
project based on Zope 3.2 when using the 3.3 beta1, because so much
stuff was actually broken in the release.

Beta2 took probably about one to two days to get all developers up to
speed, make their code work and write generations.

So I'd probably estimate that the cost of upgrading was about 2-3k EUR
for this one project (including the overhead of learning about the new


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