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Jim Fulton wrote:

On Sep 12, 2006, at 8:58 AM, Christian Theune wrote:
Ack. One thing that bothers me (and it's totally possible that I'm
missing some documentation from zope.org) is that the overall process isn't well documented, so it's hard for me (and probably other people)
to jump in and do stuff.

Um. I'm sure that it could be clearer, but how complicated is it really? You fix the bug on the release branch, including updating CHANGES,txt,
merge the change to the trunk, and resolve the issue.

I was more referring to the selection of bugs,

This is just common sense.

figuring out what release
is immanent,

But we have a release schedule/

what the repository status is, ...

What does this mean?

Right now I *feel* like only Stephan and Jim know how to triage bugs and
that I'll do something that won't be right.

Huh?  There's no magic or special expertise involved.

Obviously no magic, but not needing special expertise is something you
can't derive by looking at what you do. Especially as priorities are set
without a comment. And I think you do apply reasoning, and everybody
reasons a bit different (also widely the same too).

So what?  Come on, this isn't rocket science.

I probably could just go
forward, but I have a bad feeling about my knowledge about the process,
and I don't want to feel bad, so I don't do it. (Which makes me feel
just slightly bad because I didn't do anything. ;) )

I think you are making this harder than it really is.

I've been training a long time to make things as hard as possible.

Want a degree?

FWIW, I use the following approach:

- Early in the process, I mark every real reproducable bug as blocking. In this last go around, this included a number of bugs that had been
  around for months or years.

- Later in the process I downgraded lots of bugs because I didn't want to
  block the release.

If people report bugs during beta testing, I think it's important to
the bugs reported, otherwise, why should people bother testing.  If
people aren't going to test, then why have beta releases.  Why should
anyone use Zope if we don't bother testing it.


Alright. That's good for me to know. I can judge bugs based on that. I
just need that one tiny explicit piece on what to apply.

To almost quote David Allan: When people want to do work, they shouldn't have to go to the 'thinking about how to do work'-mode because that will
put them in a state of uncertainty which disallows any actions.

Then again, sometimes people just need to apply common sense.


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