>> On a small aesthetics side, I find Launchpad's side bars incredibly
>> distracting, and I don't like looking at the page because it feels
>> like there are too many things vying for my attention and I have a
>> hard time really reading the text in front of me. The content gets
>> squished. And then I find myself looking at all of these links and
>> buttons around the page trying to figure out what has the information
>> I'm interested in. The sidebar on Zope.org bothers me in the same way
>> when I try to read the Zope 3 wiki - but Zope.org feels nowhere near
>> as noisy as Launchpad. I'm sure their tools are great, and the hosting
>> service is a good feature.

I understand what you're saying about the Launchpad UI, and I agree with it.

There's a significant re-design of the Launchpad UI underway right now
that ought to address many of these issues.  It won't be on the live
site for a couple of months, though.

Steve Alexander
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