Hi everyone,

Thomas Lotze and I were working on creating a zc.buildout for one of our
internal projects.

The ZCML of our application is loaded using the 'package-includes'
mechanism. To support functional testing, a 'kita-ftesting.zcml' slug
was placed in the 'package-includes' and - as far as I can tell - this
takes care to only load this ZCML when running functional tests.

We're having a problem with the buildout integration at this point, as
for the testrunner we are using the zc.recipe.testrunner recipe.

However, the functional testing ZCML is placed in the instance part, but
the testrunner does not know anything about this (should it?).

Here's the question: what would be a good way to get the test runner
load the correct ZCML for running tests?


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