On Nov 29, 2006, at 3:01 AM, Christian Theune wrote:


Jim Fulton wrote:
I think package-includes or something like an "egg basket" could be
useful for an application, like plone, that wants to support extension
by non-developers.  But for developers, I think direct zcml includes
is better.

Ok, I've been starting to transform this in our project to this
approach, and for that to work the instance recipe needs to be able to
somehow involve the custom ZCML in the instance. You said you didn't
like the package-includes, but IIRC you don't like skeletons either. Am
I missing something?

(I've stripped everything down to a single package-include for now, so
it keeps working for us.)

My intention, when I have time is to write a new Zope3 instance recipe
that takes a single zcml file that defines the application and that
doesn't do anything with package-includes or otherwise try to
emulate the existing site.zcml.


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