Jim Fulton wrote:
> Christian Theune wrote:
>> Can we declare package-includes to be bad in general than and abandon it
>> please? At least tell everyone not to use it if possible?
> There are more opinions than just mine. :)
> I think package-includes or something like an "egg basket" could be
> useful for an application, like plone, that wants to support extension
> by non-developers.  But for developers, I think direct zcml includes
> is better.

Right. I guess in our case the package-includes isn't needed. But if we
do support it, it should be supported well.

> I've been meaning to write up some thoughts on this topic for
> some time. Hopefully, I'll find time for it soon. :)

I'm very happy with zc.buildout in general and look forward to start
using it much more, but the recipes need some polish and some of the
integration issues just start coming up while we're using it and make me
a bit nervous about using it full-scale.

We'd love to contribute, so having some guidance on the ideas would be
very appreciated.


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