Martijn Faassen wrote:

My hope is that with Grok we can inject some sensibilities into Zope 3 that focus more on getting things done easily and quickly. I think that the basis built with an attitude of reusable and flexible components is great to build a powerful "getting things done easily and quickly" system on top. But we really really need such a system, and I hope Grok will be more than just a new technology but will also help drive a shift in focus in the Zope 3 world.

And I fully support it; it's even conceivable I could contribute one day, if I find time. This project is really exciting and deserves more traction than it has at the moment.

It would be very interesting also if there was a path through which Plone developers and other Five-dependents could start using Grok productivity boosting tools.

We have core Zope 3 developers here at this sprint (Philipp, Christian Theune), so I have some hopes we'll succeed. :)

... but it is a fine team :)

So, I agree we need what Jim proposes. We just also need what Grok tries to offer. I think that as an open source development community that wants to grow, we need Grok a lot more than we need splitting up Zope 3 into eggs.

+1, though perhaps one makes the other easier.


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