David Pratt wrote:
Hi Martin. Cheeseshop does this already. You can see how a nice overview page is constructed by putting readme.txt with readme.txt release notes in setup.py as restructured text. This is available on some zope packages but also the zif packages on pipy.

Yes, I know that's possible and I certainly in general would encourage publication of zope related packages on the cheeseshop.

Besides the technical reasons why we may not want to rely on *only* the cheeseshop for this kind of stuff, as discussed by Fred and Jim, I think there are also developer marketing reasons why we want a presence of Zope 3 related packages somewhere on zope.org.

We want to show that Zope 3 is the most extensible Python web framework in the world. We want to show that Zope 3 has the widest range and most powerful set of extensions available. We want to guide new developers in the right direction: we want them to reuse our wide range of components. We want to help existing developers find all the great Zope 3 related packages out there. Using the buildout/setuptools infrastructure, we want to make it trivially easy for people to start using these packages in their projects.

Currently this is all not so easy. I want to use z3c.widget, but it didn't appear to be available somewhere. I want to go to the Zope 3 extension overview page on Zope 3, look through it, search through it, click on a package, and read about it. I want a clear indication on how I start using it in my own project.

You're right of course that the cheeseshop provides some of this. We may be able to reuse some of its infrastructure; I certainly hope so. Whatever we do, we need to have great cheeseshop entries too. But I think we need to be able to point people to a page on zope.org in the zope.org layout that we can point people to, and say "look here! isn't zope awesome?". We want them to drool when they see all the building blocks that Zope has for them.

Actually, I thought the way this was all going to unfold was with the ZF website which I think is still being worked on. Many thanks.

The term "ZF website" is a bit confusing.

To clarify from the foundation perspective, we are working on a number of websites under the Zope Foundation. "We" here is the zope community - the Zope Foundation cannot do much without the community volunteers. The foundation can only help guide things along.

The foundation has a website particular to itself, foundation.zope.org. The foundation is also helping with various other websites, in particular wiki.zope.org. We hope to expand this further, but again, we rely on volunteers from the community.

Then there is also the apparently moribund zf.zscp project, which is, despite its name, a community project and wasn't a direct foundation initiative. I'm saying this for completeness - it doesn't matter much in practicem whose initiative it is. Its last checkins were 9 months ago, and those were only to fix up some incompatibilities with newer Zope 3 releases, if I read the checkin comment correctly. I think we might be better off with less ambitious approach to set up an initial packages overview, but quality indicators and so on would certainly be quite helpful.



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