On 5/21/07, Reinoud van Leeuwen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
As a developer it might be a good idea to have different installed pythons
in different environments to be sure that some modules (or python itself)
meet different requirements.

But as system maintainer I like to keep things simple. I do not want
similar trees of python installations all over the place if it can
be avoided.

That's understandable.  I don't think developers want to have extra
trees all over the place so much as they want one they can rely on.
The system Pythons generally aren't that, since various extra software
gets installed there.  It may also be built with different settings
for things like Unicode character size.

We've found it invaluable to have a separate "clean" Python that
doesn't have additional packages installed into it (ever), and then
our applications can provide what they need without polluting other
applications.  We can know what options the Python was built with.  It
also won't be affected by system updates.

Once we have such a clean Python, we can share it across however many
applications have need of it.


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