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On 5/21/07, Gary Poster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
FWIW, I know zc.catalog but I'm certainly not an egg expert.  But
this message looks like you are maybe sharing a Python for various
installations.  Are you maybe using your system Python?  Generally
not advised for development work...try a standalone one?

Come again? Using the system python when developing has always been
fine; the recommendation has only applied to deployment situations in
the past. The point is that using a manual, dedicated build for a
deployment gives you full control over tweaking that build for best
performance without interfering with other users of the interpreter on
the same system.

There are more things to this.

I typically have customers with lots of small one-off Plone sites running on different versions of zope/plone.

2-5 versions of python is not uncommon on these servers.

For that reason I typically use a structure of:


That way I can have many pythons and zope versions on the same server without problems, and looking in /home/zope gives me a good idea of what is installed.


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