Hi all

As already discussed in former topics on this list, we have some outstanding decisions regarding to version numbers in zope* packages.

Currently nearly all package versions are at 3.4.0b1, which is a big pain when needing to update a package.

For example:

We have a small change in zope.app.session
The version is at 3.4.0b1
Now we want to upload a new source distribution to download.zope.org

What version number should be used?

Would be nice if we had given virgin version numbers to packages such as 1.0. If we now have an update, we need to use something like 3.4.1 and users may think this version is in sync with zope versions.

It is additionally odd, because of the fact that zope 3.4 will not be an egg based release.

Our questions:

Would it be possible to revert the revision numbers to 1.0 (we think if they are not in pypi and only on download.zope.org we can delete the releases from there)

If we cannot go back to 1.0, what shall we use for intermediate releases?

It would be nice if we (at least jodok, me (dobe), juergen, christian theuni, jim) can discuss this in berlin and maybe write a proposal on how to set versions correctly for various cases.

Any suggestions?

thx, bernd

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