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Currently nearly all package versions are at 3.4.0b1, which is a big
pain when needing to update a package.

How so?  It's just a number.  The real catch is knowing which project
owns the number.  :-(

Would be nice if we had given virgin version numbers to packages such
as 1.0. If we now have an update, we need to use something like 3.4.1
and users may think this version is in sync with zope versions.

Would have been nice, yes.

Would it be possible to revert the revision numbers to 1.0 (we think
if they are not in pypi and only on download.zope.org we can delete
the releases from there)


If we cannot go back to 1.0, what shall we use for intermediate

In previous conversations, we posited that the number is "owned" by
the project that contains the code.  Projects that refer to the code
via egg dependencies or svn:externals do not own the version number.

Most projects now own their own code, so are free to number things
independently from Zope 3.  There's been some noise about keeping the
numbers in sync through Zope 3 release 3.4.0, though the motivation
for that is unclear.  I'm all in favor of letting each project do what
makes sense separate from Zope 3, and Zope 3 will do what makes sense
for it (which has nothing to do with the version numbers of satellite

Any project that needs a separate release which does not own its own
code should be made to own its code; Zope 3 should not own the code of
satellite projects.


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