On 30.05.2007, at 20:20, Jim Fulton wrote:

maybe it's a good idea to use the same pattern as other distribution/packaging systems.

so foo2 or even foo21 is ok if you compare it to the name 'python24' in macports or ubuntu

so that means that any incompatible version results in a new package name, so one could be shure to have a compatible version of deps e.g. using things like zope.interface.20 without any version restrictions.

I'm not sure what you are suggesting with the zope.interface.20 example. Are you suggesting that this is the twentieth backward- incompatible version of zope.interface? Or that this combines a major and minor version number?

the latter ... but after reading through the thread and thinking twice about it, i think that this would not make much sence. it only might be usefull if e.g foo1 and foo2 could live in the same python process (like pythons2.3 and python2.4 can be installed at once) which is not the case.

i'd rather stick with the explicit > 2.0 < 2.99 solution

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