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I don't see how this helps one say that they want to depend on a minimum version of a major version. That is, how does it prevent dependencies like:

    foo >=1.0 <1.999


I'm wondering how Gentoo got *that* right.

you are able to specify dependencies (http://devmanual.gentoo.org/ general-concepts/dependencies/index.html) like:

>=app-misc/foo-1.23  Version 1.23 or later is required.
>app-misc/foo-1.23   A version strictly later than 1.23 is required.
~app-misc/foo-1.23      Version 1.23 (or any 1.23-r*) is required.
=app-misc/foo-1.23 Exactly version 1.23 is required. If at all possible, use the ~ form to simplify revision bumps.
<=app-misc/foo-1.23  Version 1.23 or older is required.
<app-misc/foo-1.23   A version strictly before 1.23 is required.

How would you say that you want version 1.23 or higher but less than any version 2?


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