On May 30, 2007, at 4:36 PM, Christian Theune wrote:

Could you elaborate on this?

Aside the general version numbering, for me as a user gentoo provides
flags on packages marking them stable. I never get unstable/testing
packages that I don't want.

In addition, I can "mask" packages away giving version patterns like:


this would match all packages that are past 3.5.* but not 3.4.*.
I find that their patterns do what I want all the time, although I don't
know the specifics as well as Jodok.

Um, this doesn't make sense. typo?

On a different note, couldn't the dependency "<=3.4.999" also be spelled
as "<3.5dev"?


Can there be a smaller version number than "3.5dev" in the
3.5 series?

I don't know. Setuptools' version system is sometimes sooo intuitive I can't guess. I'd feel safer using <3.4.999.


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