Dieter Maurer wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote at 2007-5-30 15:30 -0400:
IMO, having every dependency look like:

   project_name >=X.y.z <X.999

Is too cumbersome.

Maybe, we should put this into perspective:

   What part of our time do we spend on the specification
   of dependancies? 0.01 per cent?

True. However, the problem does not arise when specifying the dependency. The problem will arise when the dependencies were too loose and all of a sudden a version that's "too new" is pulled in (because it also satisfies the dependency constraint).

Furthermore, a new major version probably introduces some backward
incompatibilities. However that does not mean that a given
component will not work with the new major version.

In fact, I rarely have to change my components to support new
major versions.

Thus, it may not be that often we have to specify "< X.9999".

Yes, I suspect the same. Also, I think that we can try to be less disruptive in the future.

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