On Jun 1, 2007, at 7:04 AM, Chris Withers wrote:

Jim Fulton wrote:
Any release tagged as "alpha", "beta", "rc", "pre", or with an SVN revision.

I agree with Tres' goal. I think setuptools refers to those as
"pre-release tags". And I think anything that has a pre-release tag
should be considered unstable.
SVN revisions are provided as post-release tags.

wow, that's not good...

If I'm running a production setup, I'd be mortified if upgrading a library with setuptools suddenly pulled down a load of pre or post release eggs :-S

I know buildout lets your feeze egg version numbers, but not doing silly things seems like something setuptools should do ;-)

As I mentioned earlier, "silly" is a matter of policy. I'll note (not proudly) that both setuptools and buildout are both currently on a "pre release" status. I plan to get buildout to 1.0 rsn.


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