Am Sonntag, 9. September 2007 17:34 schrieb Lennart Regebro:
> A bit late post, but here is my thoughts on the subject.
> I'm hoping that Guido will see the errors of his ways, and introduce a
> Python 2.7 that has more forwards compatibility than what has been
> promised for 2.6, so that there can be a useable overlap between
> Python 2.7 and 3.0. Maybe a 3.1 with some more backwards compatibility
> will be needed to, I don't know.

I share many of your fears, but I personally don't see how Python 3 and 2 
could be possibly compatible. There quite some basic changes, e.g. the format 
specifier (print "Hello %s" % "World") does not exist any more, strings are 
unicode etc.

And if Guido abandons these changes, then I don't see much sense in Python 3.

My hope is that the code can be made compatible in a way, so that the 
resulting code of the Python 2->3 conversion is running. There would be 4 
versions available, true, but the Python3 versions could be generated 

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