On 9/27/07, Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Further, anybody who finds the effort of creating a "fresh' checkout
> bevore making a release too burdensome should consider themselves
> self-selected out of the "release manager" pool.
> I'm *not* kidding about that:  taking shortcuts durng the release
> process transfers pain / cost to everyone downstream.

While I fully agree that releases should be done with care and
attention, and that doing bad releases creates pain/cost for
everybody, this line of argumentation can be used to back up any form
of complication to the release process. :)

Let's focus on the reasons for each step and keep the discussion at
that level, please? I think it's useful if people ask "is that really
necessary?" for steps in the release process. Just weigh the pros and
cons. I'd like to understand more about the trouble Philipp ran into
doing releases from the original checkout and then tagging.


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