On 27 Sep 2007, at 13:47 , Stephan Richter wrote:
On Thursday 27 September 2007 07:18, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
These are four separate cases where I've actually witnessed myself or
other people mess up. We're forgetful, we can't do anything about
that. We can, however, force us to catch our mistakes. I believe that
if we made everybody create the tarballs from the tag, it would
improve the situation a lot.

Of course, an additional or other approach would be to implement a tool that checks various things. I agree that the problems you listed are solvable with doing the release from the tag, but there are cases that are not caught:

1. In your last case, if bajium would have used "svn switch -- relocate" the file would still be around and the release would work. I imagine that most people would use "svn switch" because making another checkout is just a
package management mess.

Why is making another checkout a package management mess? Go to /tmp or ~/temp or whatever, get the checkout, do your release stuff and delete it again. Is this so hard? Sorry, but I fail to see how this is messy.

Also, regardless of what you imagine people do, if the process says "get a new, fresh checkout" then this is what people should do. If they use svn switch instead, then they're not following the process. End of story.

2. My Trove classifier problem is not solved either using this approach. Contrary to what Tres hinted on in his E-mail , if there are errors while registering with PyPI, no new release is added. Also, "buildout setup . egg_info" does not verify the Trove classifiers. (Note that I think the Trove
classifiers are only one example of something going wrong.)

buildout setup? I've never seen that. I can't find any documentation on it in zc.buildout. How does it work? Does it call setup.py for every development egg in buildout.cfg? Why not just call python setup.py?

Anyway, I think the Trove classifiers are an edge case. I've never seen anyone get those wrong before, to be honest. I *have* seen people get other things wrong and I think these problems would all be solved if we made it impossible to create distributions from a branch or the trunk, but made people create them from tags instead.

3. A serious problem occurs, if you accidentally specify the wrong package name and version in setup.py. Both happened to me yesterday, but I caught it
in time.

I assume you mean the egg name, not the package name.

I'm not sure how a tool could help you here. I suppose it could use some conventions (e.g. look at the packages inside the egg) or look at the subversion URL.

A fairly simple tool can find and report all the problems found and offer assistance. I think it is worth investing in one, especially since it will
reduce my overhead since my manual checking now becomes automated.

I'm not arguing against such a tool. If you are willing to come up with it, go for it. We should still have a proper *human* process first. A tool can then help us do the tedious bits.

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