On Thursday 27 September 2007 07:18, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> These are four separate cases where I've actually witnessed myself or  
> other people mess up. We're forgetful, we can't do anything about  
> that. We can, however, force us to catch our mistakes. I believe that  
> if we made everybody create the tarballs from the tag, it would  
> improve the situation a lot.

Of course, an additional or other approach would be to implement a tool that 
checks various things. I agree that the problems you listed are solvable with 
doing the release from the tag, but there are cases that are not caught:

1. In your last case, if bajium would have used "svn switch --relocate" the 
file would still be around and the release would work. I imagine that most 
people would use "svn switch" because making another checkout is just a 
package management mess.

2. My Trove classifier problem is not solved either using this approach. 
Contrary to what Tres hinted on in his E-mail , if there are errors while 
registering with PyPI, no new release is added. Also, "buildout setup . 
egg_info" does not verify the Trove classifiers. (Note that I think the Trove 
classifiers are only one example of something going wrong.)

3. A serious problem occurs, if you accidentally specify the wrong package 
name and version in setup.py. Both happened to me yesterday, but I caught it 
in time.

A fairly simple tool can find and report all the problems found and offer 
assistance. I think it is worth investing in one, especially since it will 
reduce my overhead since my manual checking now becomes automated.

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