On Thursday 27 September 2007 05:14, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:

> There is some telling beforehand:
> * As I already said, you can generate all the package metadata with
>      python setup.py egg_info
>    and then inspect it in src/EGG.egg-info/PKG-INFO. This is
> equivalent to checking
>    the PyPI page, it contains the same information. I frequently do
> this, also to make
>    sure my setup.py actually executes before I tag (I often forget a
> comma or so.)

egg_info does not validate the trove classifiers, for example. I tried this 
last night before writing this mail. If the the setup.py file has a syntax 
error, I will know about it when running buildout.

> * You can generate an egg or a tarball locally, without uploading it.
> Then you can
>    take a look at the tarball or the egg. Unzip it if necessary. Call
> python setup.py
>    egg_info inside the tarball, if necessary, to see if all the
>    etc. files are there as well, especially when you know you messed
> this part up
>    before.

Still does not solve my problem use case.

>    You could also easy_install the egg and/or tarball in a virtualenv
> (so that your
>    global site-packages won't be affected).

I still do not see how this solves the problem.

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