Fred Drake wrote:
On 10/6/07, Philipp von Weitershausen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Yet was split up into zope.error and
without releasing a 3.4.0 final first. The split up
should have been done entirely in the 3.5.x series, *after* producing
stable 3.4.0 releases.

It's all there in Subversion.  Someone who wants a final 3.4.0 release
is welcome to make one.

That's not a very satisfactory answer for a number of reasons:

* the 3.4.1 release of, the 3.4.1 release of, and the 3.4.2 release of *still* introduces this new dependency on zope.error 3.4 which never should've happened in the 3.4 line.

* Concerning it all being there in subversion, the CHANGES.txt in SVN actually doesn't even mention this massive package refactoring, last I looked.

* This situation should've been avoided in the first place. Saying it's all in subversion and for other people to sort out is very weak.

* what are you proposing anyway? We release a zope.error 3.4.0, pulling it out of our hats all of a sudden? We release 3.4.0 that doesn't need zope.error at all? I can't see a way out of it even with what's in subversion.



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