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> Betreff: Re: [Zope3-dev] I'd lobe to merge the zope3-dev 
> andzope-dev lists


> > Can you explain why do you think this makes a difference?
> Because developing WITH Zope2 and Zope 3 are very different. 
> The development OF Zope 2 and Zope 3 are not, sincem as 
> mentioned, the development OF Zope 2 is almost exclusively 
> about getting more Zope 3 into Zope 2.
> The differences in community that is taken as a reason for 
> keeping the lists separate simply do not exist anymore. There 
> are no separate Zope
> 2 developers anymore.

Ah, now I see your point.

My motivation not to merge the dev lists is another one.

I think many developer (500 subscribers) which develops 
with Zope 3 watches the Zope3-dev list and if they have 
questions, they will ask them on the zope3-users list. 

I think your mail also means, we can't avoid to have
Zope 2 topics on the zope3-dev list because Zope 2 is 
going to move to Zope 3 and we have to exchange 
information. Doesn't matter how the list is called.

Roger Ineichen

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