Hi Dieter. Zope 2 is one application among many dependent upon zope 3. Zope 3 is different software than zope 2. It has a community of pure zope 3 developers (that I don't believe the suggestion of folding the lists together adequately considers).

Folks have been developing and collaborating on zope2 five and zope 3 all along with success. More so, I get the impression that the unstated goal here is to assimilate zope 3 into a different notion of 'zope' that would further obfuscate it as a framework (under the influence of zope2). Zope 3 stands on its own as a framework and I sure hope I am wrong about how I have been interpreting the dialog.

If the objective is simply working together and staying better informed, it does not require a merged list to accomplish this. The objective of the zope3-dev list is to serve the development interests of zope3. Folks with input or who wish to monitor this should subscribe to the list.


Dieter Maurer wrote:
David Pratt wrote at 2007-10-7 12:17 -0300:
Zope 2 is a single application

Are you sure you know Zope2 ?

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