Dieter Maurer wrote:
David Pratt wrote at 2007-10-8 00:21 -0300:
Zope 2 is one application among many dependent upon zope 3. Zope 3 is different software than zope 2.

I do not argue with you that Zope3 is "different software than Zope 2".

What I argue about is "Zope 2 is an application".
I have seen hundreds of applications built on top of Zope 2, long
before someone thought about Zope 3. I interpret this as:
"Zope 2 is not an application but a web application framework".

Recently some applications make not only use of Zope 2
but also of Zope 3 (prominent example is Plone 3).
But Zope 2 itself is still only slightly dependent on Zope 3.

This statement is very confusing, given that nearly all of Zope 3 ships with Zope 2 since 2.8. So in fact a Zope 2 release depends very much on a Zope 3.

It may be true that not much of the Zope 2 machinery uses Zope 3 (but if you look at Zope 2.10+, you'll see that core components such as the ZPublisher have been changed to look up views), but certainly a lot of applications that are built with Zope 2 use the Zope 3 libraries that ship with it, as well as the integration layer Five. This makes the Zope 3 libraries as much an integral part of Zope 2 as the "old" packages.



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