On 10/8/07, David Pratt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Dieter. Zope 2 is one application among many dependent upon zope 3.
> Zope 3 is different software than zope 2. It has a community of pure
> zope 3 developers (that I don't believe the suggestion of folding the
> lists together adequately considers).

Again, these lists are about the development of, not development with.
There are indeed some people developing only Zope3 but not involved in
Zope2. I don't think they are very many. There are none involved in
Zope 2 that are not involved in Zope 3.

> More so, I get the impression that the unstated
> goal here is to assimilate zope 3 into a different notion of 'zope'

It's not unstated, although admittedly, it is in my opinion off topic
for the discussion.

> that would further obfuscate it as a framework


> (under the influence of zope2).


> Zope 3 stands on its own as a framework and I sure hope I am
> wrong about how I have been interpreting the dialog.

You are indeed, yes.

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