I received a February issue of Linux Journal and there it was, a review
of Ruby On Rails and Zope. Which Zope? I have a pretty good idea and it
didn't take *me* long to realise this was an article on Zope2.  I also
understand that a reference to Zope means Zope2 but to someone outside
of Zope world, they wouldn't have a clue.  If someone was looking to
evaluate a new framework after reading this and even after hearing about
Zope3 they will probably check out an alternative thinking the article
was also of relevance to Zope3.

There were also occasions when I mentioned Zope3 to people and them
telling me they "looked at it", in other words they looked at using
Zope2, decided not to use it and they are not likely to check it out
again.  I think this is the story of many in the python community, while
most of them know about Zope and many use Zope2, there are many that
decided not to.  The two *different* frameworks sharing the same name
might not help in getting these people to (again?) evaluate Zope3.  I
think Zope3 has great potential and should look to a lot larger
audience, not just Zope community, but python community and even outside
python community.  Not sure how many Ruby programmers there are but I
imagine not many which only means people are learning Ruby programming
language to get into Rails.  

I am just concerned that the name might slow deserved adoption of Zope3
outside of Zope community and this confused publicity in the press might
not help either.


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