On May 7, 2006, at 4:47 PM, Jim Washington wrote:

Following along from Gary's idea that zc.resourcelibrary could be done
as WSGI middeware, I am now previewing headincludes, a wsgi middleware
filter with an alternative implementation of zc.resourcelibrary.  It
usurps a lot of zc.resourcelibrary configuration for compatibility, so
they cannot be used at the same time.  But reconfiguring is just a
matter of a few files.

For more information go to http://zif.hill-street.net/headincludes .

The readme is at http://zif.hill-street.net/headincludes/README.txt .

development status: "works for me"

:-) awesome!

What do you think about some or all of the following:

- moving development of all three of these to zope.org svn?
- putting them in a namespace?
- merging zc.resourcelibrary and headincludes?
- the possibility that we might want to include things not only in the head later (some old JS code wanted to be at the end, for instance) and so "resourcelibrary", or at least something less specific than "headincludes", might be a better name?

More concretely, I suggest three new projects in zope.org:
z3c.resourcelibrary (deprecating zc.resourcelibrary)

You could also choose "zc"--that could stand for "zope community" as much as "zope corporation"--but it might cause confusion. "z" has also been proposed. :-) The "zope" namespace means "from the Zope project", not specifically for zope (see zope.interface, for instance) so there's ample precedent for general things going in a "z*" namespace...

What do you think? Getting the code in a publicly-accessible repo, ideally svn.zope.org, is my primary desire--everything else is peripheral.

(I don't have as much use personally for your JSON-server right now, btw, but maybe that would be good to put in the repo too?)

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