Hi. I am interested in maintaining the zope object database in a way that I can have it back up quickly and without loss if needed (locating the backup files to another machine for restoration if needed in a failure situation).

I realize the normal way to use repozo is using cron to create incremental files and merge them to reassemble the zodb. I also use pgstorage. Postgres's write ahead logs can currently be used to reassemble a relational database to the point in time of failure without any loss of transactions.

In the repozo case, transactions can still be lost depending on the time interval set in cron. Would using object events in zope be a better way to have repozo keep pace with each transaction in zodb so that there is no loss. A time method could then be used to merge the small files over a regular interval into a larger file so rebuilding the db would not involve so many files. I was thinking something like this could be put in a package for automated backup of zodb. Not to replace Repozo as a command line utility, just as a help for backup. Perhaps there are better ideas. Many thanks.


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