Derek Richardson wrote:
Look at zope.intid; it should be IObjectCreatedEvent or IObjectAddedEvent.

It's, btw.

I have started coding a uuid package for Zope. zope.intid uses IObjectAddedEvent; I plan to as well.


However, the uuid differs from the intid in that I want to store the uuid on the object, rather than in a utility. This will ensure that uuids travel with their objects without having to modify import/export or other code. My initial idea is to use an annotation, but I'm not sure this is right.

This is what annotations were made for, so yes, use annotations.

I'll have to annotate all the content classes in the system, which seems to be a *huge* zcml pain. Any advice for avoiding this?

How is there a ZCML pain? Simply register the adapter for all IAnnotatable objects. Typically your content objects are annotatable anyway because you want DublinCore stuff etc.

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