Roger Ineichen wrote:
To the buildout on Windows issue in general:
From what I hear ploneout seems to work on Windows these days thanks to Hanno's efforts on this. Didn't he also work with Jim on this after the DZUG meeting in Potsdam?
Am I missing something or what's wrong?

Seems not, there is no support in zc.builout for windows right now.

Huh? That's certainly not true. zc.buildout works perfectly on Windows. What is it that isn't working for you?

Hanko or others pointed me to the Plone implementation source.
But I think installing a win service is not the only thing to
do. I guess there should be a simple start script in developer mode. But is there a developer mode or does it depend only on the recipe etc.? There are to many questions to me right now
for adding the right concept supporting windows.

I hope I'll find time to catch this up again in the next two weeks
and speak with Jim and Hanko about how this should work.

zopeproject lets you install and run Zope 3 application on Windows easily. It also provides you with a simple startup script:

  $ bin/paster serve deploy.ini

Daemon support isn't available, though, but I'm planning to add that.

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