Am 30.07.2007 um 19:37 schrieb Philipp von Weitershausen:

I'm not sure what "working in the zc.buildout" is supposed to mean. I don't consider zc.buildout evil. Not totally at least :).

I benefit from zc.buildout in two ways for my zope projects since i figured it out:

  - every-time-and-every-place reproducable development environments
  - only install what is really necessary

But sometimes:
- I am bothered by that .installed.cfg (I always stumble over it, because it's hidden).
  - Someone already mentioned the .pyc-file misery.
- And it's not easy to find the right order for including the .zcml-files in larger projects. Maybe there is a recommended order somewhere which I didn't recognize until now. I thought about extracting it from the DEPENDENCIES.cfg and import-statements.

Altogether it is really worth to dive into zc.buildout (but you should take a deep breath ;-)

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