Tobias Rodäbel wrote:
Am 30.07.2007 um 19:37 schrieb Philipp von Weitershausen:

I'm not sure what "working in the zc.buildout" is supposed to mean. I don't consider zc.buildout evil. Not totally at least :).

I benefit from zc.buildout in two ways for my zope projects since i figured it out:

  - every-time-and-every-place reproducable development environments
  - only install what is really necessary


But sometimes:
- I am bothered by that .installed.cfg (I always stumble over it, because it's hidden).

What's there to stumble over if it's hidden? Just put it on your svn:ignore list and move on.

  - Someone already mentioned the .pyc-file misery.
- And it's not easy to find the right order for including the .zcml-files in larger projects. Maybe there is a recommended order somewhere which I didn't recognize until now. I thought about extracting it from the DEPENDENCIES.cfg and import-statements.

This is not a zc.buildout problem. zc.buildout is a general purpose deployment tool and not specific to Zope 3. I've seen people mix this up several times now, so I thought I'd restate this to make it absolutely clear.

Now, what you mention *is* a real problem, though. If packages depend on other packages' configuration, they should include this configuration themselves as well (the ZCML machinery will make sure that files aren't executed twice). This is something that I hope to fix at one of the upcoming sprints (we have one planned specifically dedicated to sorting out package dependencies and things like that).

In the mean time, I suggest looking at the project template that zopeproject generates. It may provide some pointers.

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