>I'm considering using Zope as the development tool for my next web 
>project. However, I read from a recent benchmark test (from Qube, i think) 
>that Zope(running thru Zserver?) is much SLOWER than Apache and 
>AOLserver.  Is that true? To all Zope users and 'guru's, what is yr 
>experience using Zope?

I run the QubeQuorner weblog where those numbers came from.

Zope isn't slow. It's slower than Apache serving static pages. But Zope is 
dynamic. I haven't yet had time to do proper dynamic comparisons between 
the various servers.

I run a few Zope sites. And I'm adding more Zope sites. I wouldn't do that 
if I thought it was too slow.

There is a lot involved in making a site faster or slower. Adding a few 
graphics to your web page is going to make it slower than an all-text page. 
An all-text page vs a mixed text and graphics page can be almost twice as 
fast. Your connection to the site is going to affect "apparent" 
performance. For example, while I have a cable modem at home, and my Zope 
server sits on a fast T1 (there are slow T1s and fast ones), the connection 
in the evenings is too slow for me use my server. That's @Home's fault, not 
Zope's. And our T1 will fill up well before Zope runs out of steam on my box.

Technocrat.net is a Zope site. They were Slashdotted and survived without 
any apparent problems. And they were running Zope on a Pentium 120! I 
believe they upgraded to a PII-450 after that episode, just to be safe.

I have a list of Pystone benchmarks on my QQ site too:

A PIII-850 gives tremendous Python performance, which should translate to 
impressive Zope numbers too. Zope.org, however, doesn't run on nearly the 
fastest hardware available, and it rarely seems slow to me.


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