> > 1. It appears that dependencies are checked twice: in driver:run() and
> > driver:test(). Isn't this redundant, or am I missing something?.
> It's a feature not a bug :)
> As stated in the http://my.zorba-
> xquery.com/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=fots#dependencies
> A dependency can be set:
>  - either at the test case level (see below for an example)
>  - or at the test set level
> Or in both places (have a XQuery 3.0 dependency at the test set level and say
> a HOF dependency at the test case level for *some* test cases only)
> 1) driver:run() dependency check:
> It could happen that there is a dependency at the test set level that is not
> met: in this case no test case will met that dependency => driver do not needs
> to run the test (meaning calling driver:test())
> Example: there is a HOF dependency added at the test case level and HOF is not
> supported (*yet* by Zorba)

Yes, I agree with the above, but in function driver:run() I see 2 calls to 
check-dependencies: one at line 246, chacking the test-set dependncies, and 
another at line 294, checking the test-case dependencies. So, I don't 
understand why these dependencies are checked again inside function 
driver:test() (at line 437).

> 2) driver:test() dependency check:
> Assuming the dependencies in test set are met, the driver still checks the
> dependencies defined at the test set level AND test case level.
> Here is an example why:
> at the test case level there is a dependency added for XQuery 3.0.

Did you mean to say that "at the test SET level there is a dependency added for 
XQuery 3.0."?

> There is no dependency added at test case level for none of the test cases.
> This still means that every test case should have the string "xquery version
> '3.0';" added to the string passed to XQXQ
> Hope this makes sense...

Assuming the typo correction above, yes it makes sense. But I am not 
complaining about adding the 3.0 version declaration. I am complaining about 
the call to check-dependencies at line 437.

> I can add some comments in the code: would this be O.K. ?

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