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Below is our Criminal Background and Credit Record Check policy.

Criminal Background and Credit Record Checks

A criminal background check (CBC) discloses whether an individual has a history 
of criminal activity. A credit report provides information on an individual's 
history of credit-related activity, including current and previous debts, 
payments, and other relevant information.

Criminal background checks and credit reports will be used to verify that 
applicants for employment at Wake Technical Community College are qualified for 

To maintain a safe work environment, Wake Technical Community College will 
conduct criminal background checks on all candidates recommended for employment 
who are not currently employed by the College. In addition to criminal 
background checks, credit reports will be obtained for those candidates seeking 
positions that include access to cash, checks, credit card transactions, or 
bank account information.

As part of the application process, the applicant will be required to sign a 
form authorizing a criminal background check and credit report; failure to do 
so will result in the application being denied. If an applicant for employment 
omits information or gives false or misleading information about his or her 
criminal history on any application-related document, that applicant may not be 
offered employment. If an applicant who has omitted information or given false 
or misleading information about his or her criminal history has been hired or 
offered employment based on results of a background check or credit report, he 
or she will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, 
or the offer of employment will be withdrawn, as applicable.

Current Wake Tech employees are not subject to criminal background checks. 
Should an employee have a lapse in employment for any amount of time, and the 
employee has not had an initial CBC, upon the employees rehire at the College, 
they are subject to a criminal background check. Should the employee experience 
another lapse in employment, the results of the previous background check will 
be valid for 18 months.

The results of criminal convictions will be considered in hiring, dismissal, 
disciplinary, and other personnel decisions. If an applicant's or employee's 
history indicates that he or she poses a threat to the physical safety of 
students or personnel, or that he or she has demonstrated insufficient 
integrity, honesty, ethics, or other traits to fulfill his or her duties as an 
employee, the offer of employment will be withdrawn or the employment will be 
terminated. All employees are hired conditionally, pending review of the 
criminal background check or of the criminal background check and credit report.

In the event that an adverse employment decision proposed or made by Wake Tech 
with respect to any applicant or employee is based in any part on the credit 
report received by the college, Wake Tech will provide a pre-adverse action 
disclosure and/or adverse action notification in accordance with the 
requirements of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. All credit reports 
received by Wake Tech on applicants or employees will be maintained in a secure 
location and disposed of within five (5) years of the date of receipt.

Each employee is required to notify his or her immediate supervisor and the 
director of Human Resources within five (5) calendar days after any criminal 
arrest, indictment, charge, conviction, guilty plea, or plea of no contest, 
other than those relating to minor traffic violations. Any employee who is 
aware of any criminal arrest, indictment, charge, conviction, guilty plea, or 
plea of no contest of another employee, other than those relating to minor 
traffic violations, should notify the appropriate Human Resources 

Rachel King, M.A.
Policies and Procedures Manager, Legal Services
Adjunct Instructor, Office Administration
Wake Technical Community College
9101 Fayetteville Road
Raleigh, NC 27603

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Good morning from Chicago!

Is anyone willing to share policies on the following topics:

*         Reference Checks

*         Education Verifications

*         Criminal Background Checks

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