Currently there's an in-house system here that dates back to dialup days, so I've been keeping an eye on the same players as you are.

Plat isn't as difficult as all that for billing. It has such an antique look and feel it seems like they are overdue for a rewrite of the front end. The only theory I've got is maybe Tucows bought themselves a cow and just wants to milk it. I think their ticketing and scheduling module is clunky as all hell. Just count how many clicks and forms it takes to make a ticket or put something on the schedule. I always thought their path to provisioning services was weird too. A Rate Group defines billing line items and default services; service definition defines RADIUS settings; but an admin can override the service definition on a given customer's rate group so they pay for one service and actually receive another. I think the selected service should define both the billing rate and the RADIUS profile, but maybe that's just me.

Sonar seems very slick and ambitious, and I've been watching their progress when I can. I used to wonder if they were biting on too many features at once, but they seem to keep pushing things out there.

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Could I trouble you all for a quick survey / recommendation on billing systems?

I've been looking at;

Power code ( seems like too many red flags with this company)

Platypus ( good price, but I don't want to become a dev just to bill my customers)

Visp seems like a decent option?

Wisp Mon? Don't know much about them, prices seem high, haven't heard anything bad so that's a good sign?

Swift fox? ( Seems like unpopular option maybe because they're new?)

Sonar? Maybe that's the one?

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