There's a couple of others that are mostly billing focused (BillMax, Freeside) that are probably similar in functionality to Platypus (although, I will confess, I am not intimately familiar with them, so they could have some differences.)

I *think* Swiftfox has stopped bringing on new customers - their website has said they have a 12-24 month waiting list for a very long time, we've had a lot of people migrate from Swiftfox to us that have said Swiftfox has stopped development, and they haven't been at a WISPA show for a few years now.

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Good list. I'd add Azotel to it also.

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Could I trouble you all for a quick survey / recommendation on billing systems?

I've been looking at;

Power code ( seems like too many red flags with this company)

Platypus ( good price, but I don't want to become a dev just to bill my customers)

Visp seems like a decent option?

Wisp Mon? Don't know much about them, prices seem high, haven't heard anything bad so that's a good sign?

Swift fox? ( Seems like unpopular option maybe because they're new?)

Sonar? Maybe that's the one?

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