We've been running Freeside for the last 10 years. It takes a bit of perl and linux knowledge to get it running (or just download the VM), but hey, what do you want for nothing?

Feature-wise, freeside is on par with the big boys these days.. Can't think of anything it doesn't have that an ISP billing system should have.
The new version even has tower coverage mapping... very WISP-friendly.



On 9/16/2016 12:50 AM, TJ Trout wrote:

Could I trouble you all for a quick survey / recommendation on billing systems?

I've been looking at;

Power code ( seems like too many red flags with this company)

Platypus ( good price, but I don't want to become a dev just to bill my customers)

Visp seems like a decent option?

Wisp Mon? Don't know much about them, prices seem high, haven't heard anything bad so that's a good sign?

Swift fox? ( Seems like unpopular option maybe because they're new?)

Sonar? Maybe that's the one?

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